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Can Internet Guru Academy handle writing assignments in PDF?
Yes! It can automatically evaluate requirements before you even start reading. Students can use OverLeaf or any preferred TeX editor.
Internet Guru Academy vs. Replit
Internet Guru Academy is a platform. Replit is (yet another) editor that can be easily integrated and used with Internet Guru Academy.
What type of testing does Internet Guru Academy support?
Apart from any standard CI testing using various testing frameworks, Internet Guru Academy also supports input/output testing, coding style evaluation, and linting.
What is the Internet Guru Academy infrastructure?
Internet Guru Academy can be linked directly from its repository or a local copy (fork). It supports any kind of assignment in a standard GitLab environment.
How kind of projects can Internet Guru Academy handle?
Internet Guru Academy can handle projects of any size and complexity, from basics to complex programs with external deployment servers.
What programming languages does Internet Guru Academy support?
Internet Guru Academy is built on an industry-standard environment and thus supports all text formats, markup languages, and low-to-high level programming languages.
What is the mission of Internet Guru Academy?
The Internet Guru Academy mission is to bring real developer experience into education by introducing industry-standard tools and concepts, such as git, GitLab, and test-driven development.
What kind of assignments can Internet Guru Academy handle?
Internet Guru Academy supports any assignment with an output, preferably in a standard format. E. g. all sorts of coding, documentation, reports, essays, or even quizzes.
What is Internet Guru Academy?
Internet Guru Academy modifies a GitLab environment for educational purposes. It adds commands to distribute assignments among students, evaluate solutions, and check for similarities.
How does Internet Guru Academy handle remote classes?
Internet Guru Academy was built with remote work in mind. As much as the common use of GitHub or GitLab, it does not matter where programmers sit.
What editors does Internet Guru Academy support?
Any editor can be used with Internet Guru Academy, from a simple text editor to a complex IDE, both online or locally. It lets you choose the right tool for the right job!
What do students get out of Internet Guru Academy?
Internet Guru Academy users gain git and GitLab proficiency. They also gain developer skills with every assignment and can demonstrate past projects to potential employers.
Why is Internet Guru Academy source code available?
With the source codes available, everyone can try it out, use their resources for operation, maintenance, and development. Never feel under pressure of vendor lock-in.
Internet Guru Academy vs. GitHub Classrooms
In contrast to GitHub Classrooms, Internet Guru Academy is source-available. It supports automatic assignment updates, flexible deadlines, similarity checks, and more!
What server performance am I gonna need?
Server requirements depend on peak traffic and the nature of tests used. How much time it takes to evaluate one solution and how many students submit simultaneously.
Internet Guru Academy vs. Google Classroom
Google Classroom is limited to Google Drive formats like Documents, Sheets, and Slides. Internet Guru Academy provides a real-developer environment with all thinkable editors.
Why can’t I just use GitLab or GitHub directly?
GitLab or GitHub are designed for independent programmers to work on various tasks. Internet Guru Academy is designed for students to work on assignments. See features.
How many students can Internet Guru Academy support?
Internet Guru Academy is suitable for courses of any size, from individuals to hundreds or even thousands of students.
Internet Guru Academy vs. Gradescope
Gradescope is a tool for grading assignments supporting hand-written assignments and quizzes. It could be a helpful extension for Internet Guru Academy in specific cases.
Internet Guru Academy vs. GitPod
Internet Guru Academy is a platform. GitPod is (yet another) editor that can be easily integrated and used with Internet Guru Academy.
Do you offer any guarantees and technical support?
We are happy to sign a personalized service-level agreement (SLA) to suit your needs. See what is already included in plans.
What server is included in plans?
For initial and testing purposes, we help you set up a server from Oracle. Feel free to pick a different server or discuss which server to use.
Who is Internet Guru Academy meant for?
Internet Guru Academy is suitable for individual courses, full-stack boot camps, or universities with a need to provide the best developer experience for their students.

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