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What kinds of assignments can Internet Guru Academy handle?
Internet Guru Academy also supports any assignments based on plain text or standard formats, e. g. all sorts of documentations, reports, essays, or even quizzes.
How difficult is your tutorial course?
The initial assignment introduces the environment and requires zero prior knowledge. Other assignments may require some programming skills. Register now!
How does Internet Guru Academy go with remote classes?
Using conference calls naturally complements Internet Guru Academy. Screen sharing and cameras allow students to interact with instructors as if they were taking in-person classes.
What languages does Internet Guru Academy support?
Internet Guru Academy is built on industry-standard environment, and thus supports all text formats, markup languages, and low-to-high level programing languages.
How to try out solving an assignment with Internet Guru Academy?
To solve several sample assignments as a student, feel free to register into our tutorial course.
What is the mission of Internet Guru Academy?
Internet Guru Academy's mission is to bring real developer experience into education by introducing industry-standard tools and environments.
How complex projects can Internet Guru Academy handle?
Internet Guru Academy can handle projects of any size and complexity, from "Hello World" to complex programs with external deployment servers.
What exactly is Internet Guru Academy?
Internet Guru Academy is a set of scripts for handling assignments: distribute among students, evaluate and collect solutions, and check for similarities.
What editor does Internet Guru Academy use?
Any editor can be used with Internet Guru Academy, from simple text editors to complex IDEs, both online and offline. It lets you choose the right tool for the right job!
Internet Guru Academy vs. Replit
Replit is an online proprietary editor with real-time coding collaboration feature that can be easily integrated and used in combination with Internet Guru Academy.
Why is Internet Guru Academy code available?
With source codes available, everyone can find their cost-efficiency between using own resources and outsourcing and stay independent of specific vendor.
Who is Internet Guru Academy for?
Internet Guru Academy is for teaching computer science crouses by individuals, full-stack boot caps or universities with a need to provide the best developer experience for their students.
Internet Guru Academy vs. GitHub Classrooms
In contrast to GitHub Classrooms, Internet Guru Academy is source-available and supports one-click assignment updates. All solutions are under your supervision and each progress counts as a solution.
What is the Internet Guru Academy infrastructure?
Internet Guru Academy can be used as a service or deployed on any self-hosted GitHub or GitLab environment.
Internet Guru Academy vs. Google Classes
Internet Guru Academy provides a real-developer environment with all common editors (including Jupyter Notebook), whereas Google Classes is mainly suitable for Google Drive kind-of documents.
For how many students is Internet Guru Academy suitable?
Internet Guru Academy is suitable for groups of any size. A per-account service may be suitable for smaller groups. Medium-to-large groups may go for self-hosted service.
Internet Guru Academy vs. Gradescope
Gradescope is a tool for grading assignments supporting hand-written assignments and quizzes. It could be a helpful extension for Internet Guru Academy in specific cases.
Internet Guru Academy vs GitPod
GitPod is (more than) an editor that can be fully integrated and used for coding in Internet Guru Academy just like other editors.
Internet Guru Academy graduates vs. other graduates
Not only Internet Guru graduates are git/gitHub proficient, they also gained real developer experience with every single assignment and a personal project portfolio.
Can Internet Guru Academy handle writing assignments in PDF?
Internet Guru Academy can handle writing assignments in PDF, automatically evaluate requirements before you even start reading! Students can use OverLeaf or any preferred TeX editor.

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