The best way to teach computer science

Breakaway from the old school approach by transforming how you teach computer science in the modern era. Grant your students industry-standard experience with real-time evaluation.

iIntegrate to simplify
Use existing accounts, generate student lists, and export results into grading systems.
iAutomate to save time
Evaluate solutions automatically, stop dealing with technicalities, and focus on education!
iUnify to save money
Pay for one license and use it across multiple courses with professional support.

Jeff S.Jeff S.CS Faculty
Gaining a real developer experience alone is a reason to introduce the system into education. It brings a competitive advantage for students and thus for the university.
George P.George P.Author
Meeting ADA requirements is a big step closer to students with disabilities.
Abdullah A.Abdullah A.CS Student/TA
Students don't have to worry about submitting or anything around. They know if they’re passing! It’s also more real world.
Lukas B.Lukas B.CS instructor
This solves our daily problems between students and instructors. Lets us focus on education instead of dealing with technicalities. Makes our lives easier.
Marta P.Marta P.Math student/TA
How convenient to know you can just close the browser and let go after seeing passing tests. It saves us from downloading, emailing, or uploading to various places.
Tomas K.Tomas K.Senior developer
Great system! You work with standard tools and concepts commonly used in industry and not with some proprietary BS they made us work with at school.
Neel T.Neel T.CS student
Bringing unified and universal assignment management across courses is a big relief. Lack of coherence and integration leads to inefficiency.
Hector J.Hector J.M.CS Faculty
Tracing individual solutions' progress and checking for plagiarism helps to reveal problems and support students before it's too late.
Melanie M.Melanie M.Biology student
Why don't we use it already? Some of the current problems could ruin my GPA.
Miya H.Miya H.Software manager
If you miss anything, you can simply revert and start over. Wish we had that during my studies.

How it works

Watch how the system works in our 2-minute introductory video. How to create an assignment, distribute, evaluate in real-time, collect, and check for plagiarism.

Top features and benefits

Check out the features of the system and provided services. Notice the positive impact it has on your staff, students, and your reputation.

No single point of failure
Our system is under your control with our support and supervision. No black-box solution depending on a single vendor or employee.
Source-available code
You can modify our system according to your specific needs. You can also contribute and participate in global development.
API, tutorials, and training
We provide full technical documentation (API), tutorials, sample assignments, solution video, and training on using the system.
Real-time evaluation and logs
Students and instructors can see visual evaluation badge and can access log files with details about evaluation.
Check for plagiarism
Find out who worked individually and whose solutions may be suspiciously similar. Check for plagiarism to achieve fair evaluation.
Support and assistance
We offer consulting, support, and assistance with transferring assignments, and tailored feature evolvement to meet your specific needs.
Real developer experience
Using industry standard tools and environments maximizes flexibility and reliability and prepares your student for their future.
Instructions in form of issues
Distribute complex instructions with assignments in a form of issues. Each issue provides a separate discussion and links to the solution.
Retrospective evaluation
Collect evaluations to a deadline or to any other point in history. Reward early solvers or penalize late submissions accordingly.
Automatic updates distribution
Every software project is a subject of development including assignments and their reference projects. Distribute your updates collectively.
Additional hidden tests
To prevent trivial solutions and evaluation hacks, original tests are applied during collective evaluation with optional hidden tests.
Shared supervised development
Our software is developed by the community and supervised by professionals. Gain fixes and new features regardless of your contribution!
Reference project integration
There is usually a reference solution to each assignment. They are automatically used for collective evaluation and plagiarism checks.
View history and progress
Students can easily display all changes to the original assignment. Instructors can track individual solutions' progress in time.
Persistent support and discussion
Support your students in a form of persistent discussion with a clear history and status. No more emails with attached photos with codes.
Dynamic assignment integration
Integrate assignments into the system by adding a simple URL with updates. No need to register the project or download control scripts.
Automate and export grading
Automate grading based on automatic evaluation and early/late delivery. Add a step for manual grade adjustment.
Auto-create repositories
Assignment repositories are created for usernames from import file. They appear under student's projects and in instructor's namespace.
Internal data storage
Students' solutions and all data can be stored on your servers or on any third-party server according to your needs and/or regulations.
Control over repositories
Student repositories are created under the instructor’s namespace and account. Students are granted selected rights.
Read-only files protection
Only source files designated for modifications by students are used for collective evaluation to prevent non-standard solutions and hacks.
Download solutions with history
Each solution can be cloned by a student to any computer with history using one commend. Instructors can download all solutions easily.
Third-party environments
Let your students use third-party services with specific environments, such as Google Collab, Overleaf, WolframAlpha.
Assignment alternatives
Same assignment can be distributed in multiple variations per semester or class. All variations can linked to the same reference solution.
Explore individually or collect
Instructors can explore solutions individually on-line or locally. All solutions can be evaluated, graded and exported collectively.
Standard tests visualization
Standard testing environment is evaluated and visualized in real time individually. No need to register tests for each assignment manually.
Individual and group projects
Assignments are distributed individually with developer rights or as group projects with a student administrator assigned.
Early/late submission support
Every partial progress (pushed on the server) counts as a potential solution. Students don’t have to worry about explicit submitting.
Show modifications and diffs
Solutions can be easily compared the original assignment. Instructors can compare solutions between each other or to the reference solution.
Software as a service
Use the system as a service deployed on our servers and don't worry about technology and own infrastructure. See our plans.
Integrate accounts and import
Easy connect to your authentication protocol and use existing student accounts. Import lists of students for individual courses.
Unlimited evaluation minutes
Our servers are dedicated to your needs and can be scaled up according to the required performance rather than to CI minutes.
Various working environments
Students can work both on-line and locally using various (recommended) editors on multiple devices interchangeably.
Deploy in various environments
Deploy and run the system on GitHub, GitLab, or on a GitLab instance. Smaller classes can use free or the cheapest GitHub or GitLab plans.
Third-party service grading
Integrate a third-party grading system such as Gradescope to hlep you evaluate non-trivial assignments such as math equasions.

Try it out!

Find out how it feels on several introductory assignments. Register for our free tutorial course now!

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Pricing plans & SLA

Fees allow us keeping the software updated and sustainable over time and providing free training with tutorials, sample labs, and “howto” videos.

iSelf-hosted use
$700 /mo
when prepaid for 6 months.
$630 /mo
when prepaid for 1 year.
$595 /mo
when prepaid for 2 years.
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iHosted by us
$4.69 /user
when prepaid for 6 months.
$4.25 /user
when prepaid for 1 year.
$3.99 /user
when prepaid for 2 years.
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iEnterprise SLA
Integration into infrastructure,
support, and consulting.
Service running, maintenance,
and feature development.
Assignments transformation
and redesign.
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